Christmas Turkey Ideas (Or at any other time of the year)

Mix 1tbsp of Kit's Peanut Chutney with 3tbsp of Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil and place under the skin of your turkey before seasoning the bird as normal. This will give it a nice crispy, slightly spicy, flavour.

To make your Chutney even tastier, place half a jar of Kit's Red Chutney into a mixing bowl, add about 2tsp of salt, 2tsp smoked paprika, a good grind of black pepper, 1tbsp of Jerk Chicken spiced powder, the juice of one lemon/lime and about 3tbsp Rapeseed Oil. Mix thoroughly and cover the bird completely, let it marinade for as long as possible (from 30 minutes to 2 hours), then roast as normal or as per instructions. 

Let us know how it goes!

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