Kit's Peanut Spice Prawns

Kit's Peanut Spice Prawns

We got an email the other day from a new Chutney Champion, Hugh. 

Hugh asked for a recipe, and I thought I'd let him in on a little secret recipe of mine. I started making these Prawn and Kit's Peanut Spice salads a few months ago to show off to my other half, and they soon became a regular dinner dish.

Grab some little gem lettuce and chop the leaves, I prefer mine quite coarse, add a handful of cherry tomatoes (halved) and some puy lentils and maybe some avocado (diced up).

Now, with all good salads, make sure your seasoning is right - a bit of salt and lemon juice tends to do it for me.

In a bowl, add a packet of cooked prawns and a tablespoon or two of Kit's Peanut Spice. Stir it, so the prawns are all coated in the chutney. 

Spread the prawns over the salad. You should have enough for two portions here.

It's really simple, but the clean salad with the prawns and the spice in Kit's Peanut Spice will do wonders for your taste buds. 

Give it a try, and drop us a pic. We'd love to see your recipes!
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