Simon's Pulled Beef with Kit's Peanut Spice & Rice

Simon's Pulled Beef with Kit's Peanut Spice & Rice

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Simon's Pulled Beef with Kit's Peanut Spice & Rice

An ideal way to use left overs for four portions 


200g     Roast beef (left-overs will do)

5 ml      Rapeseed oil

2 tbsps Kit’s Peanut Spice ( more if you fancy it !!!)

75g       Red onion

100g     Sliced mushrooms

150g     Diced onions

3.          Sliced spring onions

200g     Red kidney beans or black turtle beans

100g     Red pepper, diced

150ml   Tomato passata

2 tbsps Kit’s Punchy Pepper

1 tbsp   Coco powder

1 tbsp   Brown sugar

Salt and pepper to taste


1/2 bunch roughly chopped coriander 

Cherry tomatoes allow 4/5 each per portion 

Serve with long grain rice (or pre-cooked Mexican style rice )


Slice the left over beef place in a bowl along with brown sugar, coco powder, rapeseed oil salt and pepper and allow to marinade for 30 mins.

Dice the onions, spring onions and mushrooms .

Place the pan (wok if you have one) onto the cooker to get it really hot until it starts to smoke.

Carefully place the marinated beef in the pan taking care not to burn yourself from the spitting oil quickly stir fry (should take around 90 seconds), remove from the pan and keep warm.

Return the pan to the heat, add the sliced onions, spring onions along with the peppers and red kidney beans into the pan, stir in the Peanut Spice, add the Passata and Kit’s Punchy Pepper and bring to the boil. Add the rest of the ingredients (except the garnish) and allow to simmer for about 20-30mins or until the meat nice and soft.

Meanwhile prepare your rice (or microwave style rice)

Once done stir into the sauce and garnish with cherry tomatoes and finally sprinkle with the coriander and serve in bowls .

Best served with sour cream and extra Peanut Spice on the side for those who like it spicy!

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