What can you do with Kit's Peanut Chutney?

What can you do with Kit's Peanut Chutney?

Here are some of our ideas and those of our ChutneyChampions on how you can use Peanut Spice (if you're not vegan).

Spread on Bread & Butter as a snack for lunch - Kit's Family favourite

Dip a Samosa or Bhaji into it

Mix 1 tbsp of PC with 3 tbsps Natural Yoghurt and 1 tbsp EV Rapeseed Oil for one of the best marinades for a whole Chicken, joint of Lamb/Lamb Chops or a joint of Beef to elevate your Sunday roast or BBQ to another level.

1/2 tbsp mixed into cooked scrambled egg

1 tbsp into a takeaway Curry makes it taste totally different and nearly like homemade curries.

1 tbsp mixed into mashed potato, then use it for Cottage/Shepherd's Pie

Spread some on Steak before grilling

Add a tablespoon to Sauté Potatoes

Mix 1 tbsp in Spag Bol - amazing

1 tbsp mixed with Tomato Ketchup - Sauce sandwiches will never taste the same

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