About Kit & Max

Our Spicy Story 
We're Kit & Max Maharajh; an uncle and nephew team who love great tasting food. For years we've been discussing the dream of taking our family recipe Peanut Chutney to the masses. 
For as long as I can remember, my Uncle Kit has made the best spicy green Peanut Chutney. It became a regular Christmas gift - a big 500g jar of Peanut Chutney - for my brothers and I. 
A few years ago, I spent my first Christmas with my fiancé's family, and they loved Kit's Peanut Chutney so much that I left with an empty jar. I spoke to my uncle, and we started to plan...
We'd always eaten it with a range of foods like sausage sandwiches, roasted chicken, sautéed potatoes. More often than not in the Maharajh household it's just spread on a piece of toast. We had to check that other people liked it though, which is how the Chutney Champions started.