Our Spicy Story

In 2016, over another family Christmas dinner, Kit and Max Maharajh suggested something that would change their lives forever: Peanut Chutney. 

For years Kit had been making a spicy, minty, fresh tasting Peanut Chutney in his kitchen, using a recipe had been passed down through five generations of the Maharajh family. Every year his three nephews, myself included, would get a big jar of Peanut Chutney (usually just enough to last us through to the end of January). 

This year was different though; friends had started asking where they could get Peanut Chutney, and the jars weren't lasting as long anymore. By New Years Eve I'd already polished off a large jar, with a lot of help from my fiancée's grandfather. 

We knew that Kit's Peanut Chutney was good; at one point a few years ago a pregnant woman had developed such a craving for it that she'd be knocking on the door around 10:00pm every few nights throughout her pregnancy. We also knew that people wanted it; we'd stopped putting bowls of it out as people were much more willing to eat straight from the jars.

In June 2018 we sold our first ever jar of Peanut Chutney. A couple came over to us within the first 10 minutes of opening our stall at Bognor Carnival and bought a jar of Kit's Peanut Chutney. 

Since then we've sold thousands of jars, and we're now stocked in several independent retailers around the country and have a massive online presence.