Kit's Chutney Explorer Pack

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Here's a story for you: 5 generations ago in a kitchen in Uttar Pradesh, my great, great grandfather mixed some peanuts, coriander, mint and chilli together. His predecessors moved to South Africa, where my grandfather (Kit's dad) was born. 

Along the way that recipe developed, and we picked up a few new ones too. You might say everyone in our family has been exploring flavours throughout this journey. 

Now, Kit and I have three great products we're sharing with the world. Our Chutney Explorer pack lets you sample all three. 

Further to this, you'll get FREE postage on this order.


1x 180g Jar of Peanut Spice

1x 190g Jar of Chunky Chill

1x 190g Jar of Red Chutney 

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